How to use the tirebooster correctly.

Instructions for use & Safety information
The TIRE BOOSTER supports you with Tubeless assembly. All you need is the right tubeless equipment and a suitable high pressure pump with adapter for Presta valves.

1 Clean tire and rim before assembly. 2 Fit the tire onto the rim in the usual way. Coat both tire beads with mounting fluid before you infl ate the tire. 3 Turn the ‘Air Valve’ on the Tire Booster to the CLOSED position. 4 Place the pump head of the Tire Booster onto the valve of the wheel. You can enhance the air fl ow into the tire by using the adapter. Simply remove your current valve core, screw the adapter onto the pump head and screw both together onto the valve stem. 5 Pump up the Tire Booster with your track pump (max. 11 Bar/160 PSI). 6 Open the ‘Air Valve’. You will hear the tire pop into position on the rim. 7 Check the rim line to make sure that the tire is correctly positioned. If further infl ation is needed this can be done through the Tire Booster ONLY whilst the ‘Air Valve’ is in the OPEN position. 8 Remove the pump head. Add a sealing liquid into the tire if required (e.g. Doc Blue Professional) and infl ate the tire again.



  • Do not exceed the maximum air pressure for the tire and rim.
  • Do not exceed the maximum air pressure for the Tire Booster: 11 Bar/160 PSI.

  • Never inflate the bottle with a compressor.
  • Do not use a defect bottle, tire or rim.

  • Do not release pressurized air into eyes or face.

  • Before opening the ‘Air valve’: ensure pump head is attached securely to the valve of your wheel.

  • Protect the bottle from direct sunlight. Avoid temperatures of below -15°C and above +50°C.

  • Store Tire Booster only with ‘Air Valve’ open.