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    World Cup champion on
    the new Magic Mary


    Nico Lau

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    Cube Action Team

Super Gravity. The technology of choice – available now.

SUPER GRAVITY has a new carcass construction at its core. The principle is a familiar one from motorbike tires. We have taken the best features and developed them further for the MTB. For SUPER GRAVITY the sidewalls are made up of four layers of carcass material, but there are only two layers underneath the cap*.

THE NEXT SHOW STOPPER: The whole tire (not just the sidewalls) is encased in SnakeSkin puncture protection. It weighs little – and it helps a lot. In fact, it stabilizes and protects while remaining extremely flexible. At the same time it is ideal for the Tubeless Ready application.

SO SUPER GRAVITY MEANS: The tire walls are more robust. The cap is more flexible. The tire is lighter. Or in a single sentence: Downhill ruggedness at Enduro weight!

SUPER GRAVITY WEIGHED UP: When combined with Tubeless Ready riders save an impressive 700 grams in weight in comparison with a conventional downhill tire. Not just somewhere on the frame, but on the rotating mass!

* The classic downhill tire construction has six layers under the cap.
This adds unnecessary weight and unfortunately also makes the cap rigid and hard.

Some additional information for all techies:

  • Stronger apex in the tire walls than folding tires. It makes snake bites even less likely.
  • The wire core in the tire bead (as in the downhill tire) has been replaced with an aramid core. Aramid is lighter and stronger than steel wire.
  • The TripleStar compound is of course also available for SUPER GRAVITY.
    Three different rubber mixes in a single tire. Each one in the right place.




Magic Mary – The new girl of your dreams.

Magic Mary can be quite vicious. With her shoulder knobs she digs her claws into the ground at every turn and really gets a grip. The intermediate profile gives the rider control in almost any terrain. With its open tread pattern the tire cleans itself as if by magic, even when the ground is wet.

Magic Mary with SUPER GRAVITY technology is available with the VertStar and TrailStar compounds. Available in 26, 27.5 and also 29 inch sizes.


Dirty Dan – For deep, muddy terrain.

Dirty Dan comes into its own when the mud flies. High blocks and the VertStar triple compound deliver great grip on soft and loose terrain. The large voids provide the necessary self-cleaning properties and braking traction. Dirty Dan also has “Curve Claws” for leaning into extreme corners.

Dirty Dan with SUPER GRAVITY is available as a VertStar compound in 26 and 27.5 inch sizes.



Rock Razor – The sharpest weapon against time.

Rock Razor is the tire of choice for dry and firm terrain. The flat and small pattern on the cap almost turns it into a semi-slick. The fact that its high speed is maintained when cornering is due to its high shoulder knobs.

Rock Razor with SUPER GRAVITY technology is available with the TrailStar compound in the 26 and 27.5 inch sizes.


Hans Dampf – For the perfect trail ride.

For control and maximum fun on a bike. The profile can handle any situation – with confidence and ease – from rough terrain to flowy single tracks.

SUPER GRAVITY technology is available in the three different compounds – VertStar, TrailStar and PaceStar – for the 26 inch size and in the TrailStar compound also for the 27.5 inch size.